When the White House convenes a national conversation on economic opportunity for women today, Yolanda Alexander hopes to share her concerns about quality child care with the President.
"Thanks to you I can start thinking about my future again." ~ Lavern, who moved from homelessness to housing with your help.
Melissa's father was the sole breadwinner, working seven days a week to keep food on the table and a roof over their head. Then everything changed . . . >>
Like many women her age, Ruth gets by through a careful balancing act that stretches her social security as far as it can go. Until something unexpected happens . . .
When two degenerative eye conditions took away Eric’s ability to work, you stepped in to help his family overcome the downward spiral of homelessness. Read more->>
Ja’Mya is a precocious 3 year old with an infectious smile. Her enthusiasm fills the room as she tries on coat after coat looking for the perfect fit.
At 59 years old, Marilyn is no stranger to hard work. But when the brutal winter and heating challenges quadrupled her power bill, she had nowhere to turn for help . . .
Robert and his wife are working to provide for their three children, but summer means new expenses and less income . . .
Maria took what she thought might be her last shower for a long time before coming to Crisis Assistance Ministry for help . . .
Billy, a tree climber with 16 years of experience doing tree work, has been out of work for several months now. As winter set in...

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Agency Honored by Center City Partners

Crisis Assistance Ministry received Special Achievement recognition for decades of dedicated service to fragile families in the Charlotte community and valued leadership on preventing homelessness and preserving dignity for Charlotte-Mecklenburg’s working poor.

Volunteers, Staff Join National Conversation

When the White House convened a national conversation on economic opportunity for women, volunteers and staff from Crisis Assistance Ministry were there.

Thank You & Other News

Saying 'thank you' isn't really enough.  There is no way we would be here together without help." - Eric, a father of five, who is slowing going blind but now has his family under one roof thanks to you.  

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