At 59 years old, Marilyn is no stranger to hard work. But when the brutal winter and heating challenges quadrupled her power will, she had nowhere to turn for help . . . Read more
“You have no idea how much it means that there are people who care enough to make sure help is here...” Read more
Alvin, an unemployed mortgage analyst, puts a real face on a record-breaking statistic: hundreds of families in Charlotte face eviction each month. Read more
Charles had an ordinary wish that he thought might never be fulfilled once he became one of hundreds labeled "chronically homeless." ... Read more
For Dashana, a simple refrigerator stood between her and having all her children under one roof again ... Read more
Mr. Dukes slept in his own bed for the first time in 3 years after finding housing (and furniture) with help from you and our community... Read more
Maria took what she thought might be her last shower for a long time before coming to Crisis Assistance Ministry for help . . . Read more
Billy, a tree climber with 16 years of experience doing tree work, has been out of work for several months now. As winter set in... Read more
Kimberly needed a miracle when her husband left her with three kids, no income and plenty of bills . . . Read more

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