Help, Hope & Understanding

for people struggling with limited financial resources

Mission & Vision

The  mission  of Crisis Assistance Ministry is to  provide assistance  and advocacy for people in financial crisis, helping them move toward self-sufficiency.
Our  vision  is to inspire our community to justice and generosity as we provide help, hope, and understanding to people struggling with limited financial resources.

Finding a Voice and a Way Forward, with Your Help

For over twenty years, Sheila worked at the same fast food restaurant, making salads for little more than minimum wage. After all that time, she earned just a dollar an hour more than the day she started. When a cut in her hours brought her to Crisis Assistance Ministry seeking assistance, her path began to change.

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Summer Made Possible Thanks to You

Angel and Tony earned trips to sleepaway camp through the Bruce Irons Camp Fund. But with their mom already struggling to make ends meet, the long supply list was a bit daunting. Fortunately, they were able to shop at the Free Store for flashlights, swimsuits, pajamas, towels, water shoes, toiletries, summer clothes, and more.

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Collaboration Brings Jeff Home with Your Help

When his rent went up to just $33 less than his entire monthly income,  Jeff  joined the ranks of our city’s chronically  homeless. For the next 14 months, he made his home in a tent in the woods.  He didn’t know what else to do.  He couldn’t afford market rent on his disability income, and the waiting lists were so long to get into subsidized housing for seniors or individuals with disabilities.

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You Helped Patricia and Her Son Rebuild Their Lives

When her husband walked out on her, Patricia and her 15-year-old son Jamil were plunged into an unfamiliar world of financial distress. Fully disabled after a surgical mistake years earlier, Patricia had relied on the income from her husband’s job to pay the mortgage and other bills. Left with only her monthly Social Security disability payments, she soon found the situation unmanageable.

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Everybody Has a Story and You Changed Wendy’s

Wendy first visited Crisis Assistance Ministry for help  decades ago when her children were small.  Today, she is a member of the agency’s Board of Directors. Watch the video and listen as she shares how your support changed her family’s future.

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Giving Gaylene the Gift of Heat

Since a degenerative bone condition left her unable to work, Gaylene has been making ends meet with disability and social security income. Gaylene’s power was scheduled for disconnection until your support provided an emergency payment directly to the power company to make sure she could return to a warm apartment.

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Our Programs

Basic Needs

Mecklenburg County families receive help with life’s basic needs: emergency rent and utility assistance, clothing, household goods, furniture, beds, and appliances.

Economic Mobility

The Economic Mobility Program helps families move towards financial security and introduces pathways to economic opportunity. Enrolled families are given the opportunity to work one-on-one with a caseworker for an hour per week for up to 90 days.

Civic Engagement

In a vibrant city like Charlotte, it’s easy to overlook the fact that many are suffering amid affluence. Our Civic Engagement Program increases awareness of the complex issues facing more than 100,000 neighbors in Mecklenburg County living in poverty.

By the Numbers


Individuals Served

More than 50,000 individuals were served in person or through local partnerships. 


Average Financial Assistance per Emergency

On average, a family may receive $392 in rent and/or utility assistance.


Children Benefiting from Our Services

Children under 18 made up 42% of those benefiting from Crisis Assistance Ministry services. 

Atrium Health to Match Every Donation up to $250,000 with Challenge

Atrium Health is proud to extend its mission to improve health, elevate hope, and advance healing for all by matching every donation to Crisis Assistance Ministry up to $250,000, now through April 30.

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Charlotte Delegation Visits Montgomery to Study Racial Justice

A diverse group of about 90 Charlotte residents traveled to Montgomery, Alabama to explore America’s complicated history and ongoing story of racial injustice and social change. “We have to learn our history, ” reflected one participant, “so that we can pass it on to our children.”

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Website for Good Award Powers Online Makeover

Crisis Assistance Ministry was the 2018 winner of Apparo’s Website for Good Award which provides the winning grant applicant with a custom website valued at $20,000. Rabell Creative worked with Apparo and Crisis Assistance Ministry to provide a website that is well-designed to help the nonprofit better engage with clients, volunteers, and donors.

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Volunteers, Community Partners Honored

Crisis Assistance Ministry recently celebrated the role of volunteers in preventing homelessness and preserving dignity for struggling families in Mecklenburg County. In the most recent fiscal year, caring community members served over 43,000 hours, a gift of time valued at more than $1 million.

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City’s Housing Bond necessary tool in multi-faceted housing crisis

$50M Housing Bond supports Housing Trust Fund. A family assisted by Crisis Assistance Ministry is featured in the Charlotte Observer’s October 18 article about the City of Charlotte’s Housing Trust Fund and the proposed $50M housing bond package on city voter’s ballots this election cycle.

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Electrolux Donates Frigidaire Air Conditioners

Electrolux this week donated 900 room air conditioners, valued at nearly $220,000, for those in need through Crisis Assistance Ministry in Charlotte, home of the company’s North American headquarters.

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One Area Where Charlotte Should Rank Dead Last

You get home from work and are greeted with a padlock on your door. You panic. Where is your daughter who stays home alone after school? Where will you sleep tonight?

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Everybody Has a Story to Tell

Everybody Has a Story to Tell: You Changed Wendy's

Wendy first visited Crisis Assistance Ministry for help decades ago when her children were small.  Today, she is a member of the agency’s Board of Directors. Watch this brief video and listen as she shares how your support changed her family’s future.

A Story of Hope & Thanksgiving: Julia's Story

Just a year ago, Julia was feeling overwhelmed. Her family had already pushed through tragedy to get back into stable housing, but things would never be "normal" again. She visited Crisis Assistance Ministry for a little help, and thanks to a generous donor, found renewed hope for the holidays too. This is her story.

Empowered by Help with Utilities & a Brand New Stove: Patricia's Story

Patricia turned to the community for help through Crisis Assistance Ministry and found hope in the form of restored utilities and a working stove.

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