You can make a difference this holiday season!

Give the gift of help and hope by making a life-changing and tax-deductible donation this holiday season.

You have the opportunity to provide emergency financial assistance, empower neighbors through one-on-one coaching, and create pathways toward self-sufficiency. No matter the size, a donation will give peace of mind to hard-working families in Charlotte who need a helping hand to get back on track. They are your neighbors–co-workers, teachers, or even grandparents who are doing the best they can to make it through difficult times, but just need a little help. As cooler temperatures settle in and heating costs rise, our community members are at their most vulnerable.

Looking for an alternative gift? Make a donation and request Holiday Cards and Card Inserts below.

Save the date: Giving Tuesday is December 3! We hope you'll join us in a global day dedicated to making a difference in lives across the world.

Home is a Safe Place Again for Olivia

By Rachel Blake | November 13, 2019

Olivia has a full time job but it just wasn’t enough to keep her young family stably housed. When she needed help, you came through and lifted her up and set her on the right path.

Holiday Cards and Card Inserts

By Rachel Blake | October 29, 2019

Holiday cards and card inserts are available now! Make a gift and send cards or card inserts to honor someone in your life today.

Providing Help, Hope, and Home this Holiday Season

By Rachel Blake | October 29, 2019

What does home mean to you? As we move into the season of giving, instead of providing a gift in a bag or box, you can give the gift of help and hope to our neighbors.