2017-2018 By the Numbers


Individuals Served

More than 50,000 individuals were served in person or through local partnerships. 


Average Financial Assistance per Emergency

On average, a family may receive $392 in rent and/or utility assistance.


Children Benefiting from Our Services

Children under 18 made up 42% of those benefiting from Crisis Assistance Ministry services. 

Welcome Our Newest Graduates

On May 4, Crisis Assistance Ministry joyfully celebrated the graduations of a new class of Customer Advocates. New graduate Kimberly reflected on her journey from customer to empowered advocate saying: “I have found my voice and will utilize it to the best of my ability to help families like mine understand that there is hope, that life happens to everyone, and that we must not give up but continue to move forward.”

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For Abigail, A Place To Reclaim Her Purpose

A survivor who proudly proclaims her identity as a “person with a purpose,” Abigail arrived at Crisis Assistance Ministry in the coldest part of winter. Thanks to you, Abigail finally has a place to reclaim her purpose: not just to receive, but to give.

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You Offered Mandy Hope in a Moment of Need

No amount of financial or material assistance can replace her mother. But Mandy is grateful for the generosity of people like you who stepped in to lift her up during her darkest time.

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A Beautiful Thing

Because of you, things are looking up for Patricia and her family. “I know it will get better,” she says. “Knowing you can reach out and get the help you need, it’s just a beautiful thing. That’s all I can say. You changed my life today. Thank you.”

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Give More Families Like Joy’s Hope For The Future

Joy and her son needed help and hope during a health emergency and looming eviction. Your support of Joy and other families is crucial and you can #doubleyourimpact during #Challenge2019 with a gift today.

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Finding a Voice and a Way Forward, with Your Help

For over twenty years, Sheila worked at the same fast food restaurant, making salads for little more than minimum wage. After all that time, she earned just a dollar an hour more than the day she started. When a cut in her hours brought her to Crisis Assistance Ministry seeking assistance, her path began to change.

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Free Clothing & Household Items Distributed

Mecklenburg County residents received more than 1,000,000 items free-of-charge through the Free Store. 


Value of Free Clothing & Household Items

More than one million household items were distributed to customers at a value of $3.2 million.

Average Mattresses Distributed per Month

Mecklenburg County residents received an average of 212 mattresses per month. 

Preventing homelessness. Preserving dignity.

For over 40 years, Crisis Assistance Ministry has been here to meet families’ most basic needs addressing challenges brought by the community’s explosive growth and economic transition. 

By keeping families in their homes with utilities flowing, we prevent homelessness for those who are housing insecure.  

By providing clothing, shoes, household items, furniture, beds, and appliances free-of-charge, customers can divert limited financial resources towards essential bills.

By empowering customers to set personal goals and address the factors that contributed to their financial crisis, through regular meetings with a caseworker, families get on a path to economic mobility.  

By educating the community about the realities of poverty and lack of economic mobility, we put a face on the problem, serving as a voice for those served.


Average Customer Income

Families receiving financial assistance earned an average gross monthly income of $1,341 compared to $5,466, the average for Mecklenburg County. 


Customer Income Obligated to Rent, Utilities

On average, customers seeking assistance had 73% of their income obligated to pay rent and utilities.


Emergency Housing Assistance

Your generosity enabled families in need to receive $2,437,704 in emergency housing assistance.


Agency Work Performed by Volunteers

27% of the work of Crisis Assistance Ministry is performed by volunteers. 

Local Leaders Engaged in Poverty Simulations

2,073 local leaders experienced Poverty Simulations led by Crisis Assistance Ministry. 


of Every Dollar Donated Goes Directly to Programs

For every dollar donated, 91 cents goes directly to support programs.