By the Numbers

fiscal year ending June 30, 2020


Individuals Served

More than 43,500 individuals were served in person or through local partnerships. 


Average Financial Assistance per Emergency

On average, a family may receive $496 in rent and/or utility assistance.


Children Benefiting from Our Services

Children under 18 made up 42% of those benefiting from Crisis Assistance Ministry services. 

Back-to-School Partnerships Help Families Return to Learning

With 40+ public schools in Charlotte-Mecklenburg requiring school uniforms, thousands of families face extra expenses each fall. Your generosity, together with critical community partnerships, helped struggling families return to learning this month.

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Latin American Coalition Partnership Breaks Down Barriers

39% of Latino adults report having difficulty paying basic household expenses compared to 23% of white adults. A partnership with the Latin American Coalition allows families to overcome barriers of language, transportation, childcare, and cultural understanding while seeking assistance with urgent needs.

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You Bridged the Gap for Mariagrazia and Her Family

With four kids at home, Mariagrazia has always worked hard. A first-generation American, she took care to save for emergencies and plan for her family’s future. That’s how she managed to stretch things through the worst of the COVID impacts last year. But when an injury put her out of work again she needed help to avoid eviction.

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You Are A Lifesaver to Dot

Dot is a hardworking mother and caretaker for her own mother. When things got too much and utility bills piled up, she turned to the community for support. You made sure that her family was able to have running water and air conditioning at the end of a long summer day.

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Ashley Does Not Give Up Easily

When Ashley and her five children arrived in Charlotte two years ago, she was determined to do everything possible to keep her family safe. When faced with the threat of homelessness, the community’s generosity and Ashley’s resilience kept her and her children stably housed. Help others in Ashley’s situation by making a gift today.

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Free Clothing, Household Goods & Furniture Distributed

Mecklenburg County residents received more than 600,000 items free-of-charge.


Value of Free Clothing, Household Goods, & Furniture

More than 600,000 items were distributed at a value of almost two million dollars.

Appliances Distributed per Month

Mecklenburg County residents received an average of 17 appliances per month.

Preventing homelessness. Preserving dignity.

For over 40 years, Crisis Assistance Ministry has been here to meet families’ most basic needs addressing challenges brought by the community’s explosive growth and economic transition. 

By keeping families in their homes with utilities flowing, we prevent homelessness for those who are housing insecure.  

By providing clothing, shoes, household items, furniture, beds, and appliances free-of-charge, customers can divert limited financial resources towards essential bills.

By empowering customers to set personal goals and address the factors that contributed to their financial crisis, through regular meetings with a caseworker, families get on a path to economic mobility.  

By educating the community about the realities of poverty and lack of economic mobility, we put a face on the problem, serving as a voice for those served.


Average Customer Income

Families receiving financial assistance earned an average gross monthly income of $1,511 compared to $4,850, the average for Mecklenburg County. 


Customer Income Obligated to Rent, Utilities

On average, customers seeking assistance had 45% of their income obligated to pay rent and utilities.


Emergency Housing Assistance

Your generosity enabled families in need to receive $6,607,199 in emergency housing assistance.


Agency Work Performed by Volunteers

24% of the work of Crisis Assistance Ministry is performed by volunteers. 


Customers  Remained Housed

97% of customers receiving financial assistance remained stably housed 60 days later. 


of Every Dollar Donated Goes Directly to Programs

For every dollar donated, 91 cents goes directly to support programs.