Emergency Financial Assistance



Emergency Financial Assistance

Curbside rent and utility assistance is available for Mecklenburg County residents at 500-A Spratt St on Monday - Friday from 8:30am – 5:00pm. Payments are made directly to the landlord or utility company.

Phone: (704) 371-3001

Main Office Hours:
Monday-Friday, 8:30 am - 5:00 pm
Excepting Holidays & Scheduled Closings

500-A Spratt St., Charlotte, NC 28206
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How the Process Works

Upon arrival, you will be asked to complete an application packet in your car or in the parking lot and submit copies of required documentation.  A staff member will confirm that the application is complete, at which point you are free to leave. Please plan to follow CDC recommendations for social distancing and wear face coverings, when possible, throughout the curbside process.

A Crisis Assistance Ministry caseworker will follow up by phone to conduct a financial assessment and determine what aid you may qualify for. Our caseworkers are trained to understand many different challenges and to help you stay housed, keep your utilities on, and plan to avoid a future financial crisis. You and your caseworker may discuss different options that could help you after the interview.

We use an emergency room triage process and customers with the most urgent needs are interviewed first. Depending on the number of people seeking financial assistance and the nature of your emergency, it may be several days before you receive a call from a caseworker.

What to Bring

To speed up the application process, please bring copies of the following.

  • Picture ID of person applying for financial assistance.
  • Social Security documentation for all household members: Social Security (SS) card, documentation from the SS Administration, W2 form from an employer, paystub with a complete SS number, or W7 if applicable. If you are not registered with the SS Administration, you must provide some form of ID.
  • Proof of household income over the past 30 days. Include all paystubs received by any household members during this period. If anyone receives unemployment, SSI, SSA, VA benefits, retirement pension, child support, disability payments, or income from any other source, you must provide verification of that income.
  • Past due utility bills, disconnection notices, rental late notices or eviction papers. These must be in the name of an adult who resides at that address.
  • Rental lease to verify your residence if you are seeking rent assistance.

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